Jenga game ruined by earthquake

A late night game of Jenga played by Texan students Bryan Vance and Jack “Ace” Cordova was cut tragically short yesterday as a result of a large earthquake in northern Mexico.

The weekly ‘best of three’ championship was tied at one game each and had reached a critical point in the decider when the tremors struck. ‘Honestly, we didn’t know what hit us,’ Jack explained, ‘the floor shook violently, and the tower just collapsed right in front of us.’

The ensuing heated debate between the players could only conclude that although the tower had collapsed during Jack’s turn, and even though Bryan had been the last to touch it, this external event voided the game entirely – the first time since the incident with Bryan’s dog last October.

In Mexico the earthquake has claimed at least 360 lives and left tens of thousands homeless, but Bryan and Jack have more immediate concerns. ‘We have a rule – loser picks up the pieces,’ said Bryan. ‘Since neither of us lost, they’re still all over the floor, and we can’t even ask Bryan’s dog to pick them up this time.’

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