Televised archery blamed for a rise in ‘bow and arrow crime’

Figures out today have shown a decrease in all areas of crime, with one notable exception. Crimes involving archery are at an all time high and TV coverage has been blamed for glamourising the ‘bow and arrow’ culture.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police described the figures as disturbing but said he was taking measures to counter the rise, particularly of muggings at bow-point. ‘We have set up a dedicated Response Unit who can deal with any incident and tackle the underlying causes of archery in the community.

Although the recent increase in gangs taking up the ancient weapon has been blamed on the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games, other factors are being taken into consideration. ‘The main character in ‘The Hunger Games’, Katniss Everdeen, is idolised by millions yet is often seen wielding a bow and arrow, looking hot,’ said a leading sociologist. ‘It’s bound to give the youth of today subversive thoughts and explains why iTunes has seen a huge increase in downloads of the William Tell Overture.’

And in Doncaster, police detained a male passenger at Robin Hood airport, after he was seen carrying the offensive weapon on board an aircraft. After a brief struggle he was led away at gunpoint, leaving the 12-year old boy’s parents bemused and calling the police reaction ‘over the top’ as they incredulously held up the arrows with little red suction pads on the ends.

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