Deputy Prime Minister ‘defects’

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has distanced himself from the Cameron government ‘to join the revolution’, according to al Jezeera TV.

Mr Clegg was appointed less than two years ago and his action is the highest profile rebellion since the Lib Dem Spring began two years ago.

Clegg, who is said to have fled with his family to a fashionable part of London, is part of the UK’s Liberal Democrat minority.

Their presence in the Coalition government was bought with offers of greater opportunities for the people. However, the Liberals claim Cameron has gone back on his promises, leading to increasing tensions between the rival clans.

A spokesman told al Jezeera that the British regime was ‘now in its last throes’ and that it had been dealt a ‘fatal blow’ by Mr Clegg’s ‘defection’.

A spokesman for Mr Clegg said his party would work to ‘rebuild a Britain of the future, a Britain without Cameron – or something like that.’

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