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Woman has hair cut by men’s barber shock

A Wimbledon woman whose hair can be cut by a men’s barber is mystifying scientists.

‘It suggests that the hair on women’s and men’s heads might share a common ancestry,’ said one researcher. ‘It’s baffling.’

Judith Bantock was waiting for her son to have his haircut when she decided to let the barber cut her own hair. She said:

‘I hadn’t been prepared for the lack of conversation, though. Just sitting there without Rodrigo’s usual banter was making me extremely nervous. So like a fool I blurted out, ‘What about Liverpool then?”

Now samples of her hair are being examined by specialists who are still baffled as to how she has somehow inherited the male hair gene. But with a saving of around £40 on her usual monthly visit to a women’s salon, she says she’ll be back.

‘Now when it comes to something for the weekend’, she said, ‘I can afford something a bit more exciting than a pack of three.’


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Posted: Aug 9th, 2012 by Boutros

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