Teenage pregnancy tests must get harder, orders Gove

Education Secretary Michael Gove says that pregnancy tests for teenage girls in England must get harder.

Scotland and Wales have their own pregnancy tests arranged by the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

Gove is said to be concerned that more girls from state schools are passing the easy test and qualifying for a council house.

‘Teenage girls in South Korea face a harder Pregnancy Test than girls in England,’ he said, adding that he is thinking of introducing a Pregnancy* Test.

But some critics point out that the test is already unpopular. ‘Most teenagers will only piss on a stick if it’s being filmed for a dodgy website,’ said a spokeswoman for one pregnancy testing service.

‘I want to see girls from state schools having the same chance of getting a bun in the oven as young ladies from Roedean School,’ Mr Gove said.

But figures from the Department for Education appear to show that the increase in the number of teenage girls in England passing the test is probably entirely due to more of them shagging.

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