Tourist maced by commuter in post-Olympics conversation error

Canadian tourist Alan Silvers’ summer holiday came to an abrupt end on Monday morning as he was temporarily blinded with mace whilst attempting to strike up conversation with a fellow Central Line commuter.

CCTV recording shows Silvers, 59, attempting what was thought to have been an Olympic-related quip to an unidentified morning commuter who quickly dispatched him with the debilitating spray.

A Transport for London spokesperson said: ‘The Olympics were fantastic but we want to remind our friends from overseas that standard non-Olympic commuting guidelines are now in operation which means no small talk, no eye contact and definitely no smiling.’

A fellow commuter commented: ‘Everyone knows the closing ceremony was on Sunday, so I don’t know what the hell this guy was doing making conversation. He was lucky the other bloke was balancing a Latte between his knees otherwise he would have come off a lot worse.’

A LOCOG spokesperson said this morning: ‘There is technically no need for people to be pleasant to each other during the period between the Olympic and Paralympic games, so why don’t you get out of my face before I do something we both regret?’


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