Genuine 2012 Olympics to begin later this week in Paris

With 29 gold medals, praise from the international community and Australia finishing down in 10th on the medal table, many thought the Olympic Games were too good to be true. Well now it turns out they were, as leaked Government papers show that Britain never actually won the bid for the 2012 Olympics and the last seven years have been a sham.

‘Several thousand actors were hired to portray foreign athletes in what will now be referred to as the ‘Fauxlympics’,’ said an unnamed Government source. ‘There had initially been plans in place to engineer a win for Team GB in the men’s football, but it was decided that allowing the team to go out in the quarter finals on penalties had more of a convincing ring of truth about it.’

With the public’s collective sense of embarrassment at being hoodwinked on such a massive scale now threatening to turn to anger, politicians are hoping that they will be spared a backlash by people’s unwillingness to disrupt ongoing preparations for the World Cup in England in 2014.


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