Toy walkie-talkie working range could reach 10ft by Christmas.

Toy technicians claim to have a working prototype walkie talkie set with an operational range in excess of 5 feet. But this is just the start. The holy grail of toy walkie talkies – a set that can operate at a distance greater than that of whispered speech – could be achieved by Christmas, if trials are successful.

Soon, it may be possible to have a conversation more involved than ‘Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? I’m whispering. Can you hear me now?’

The new high-powered set is code-named WT-5000 where WT represents walkie-talkie and 5000 represent the working range with a hyperbole factor of 1000.

The packaging will be incredibily hard to open, thus adding to the excitement on Christmas morning.

Other toy advances rumoured to be on the way to Santa’s stocking include video spy glasses that don’t look like video spy glasses, magic tricks where the trick isn’t painfully obvious to everyone and superhero dressing-up outfits that don’t make the wearer look a dork.


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