Panama hat shortage ‘critical’ as Ecuadorian sanctions bite

Only a week into Ecuador’s worldwide ban on the export of panama hats, the sanctions are beginning to bite. President Rafael Correa has said sanctions will remain in place until the British Government guarantees that it will grant Julian Assange safe passage to Quito.

Hardest hit have been TV documentaries based in hot countries. BBC executives were left speechless today as Diarmaid MacCulloch unleashed a tirade of obscenities and stormed out of a planning meeting for his new series, ‘Christianity: My Meal Ticket’. Although the panama hat will last a lifetime, MacCulloch is known to insist on a brand new hat for each day’s filming.

In a late development, Assange has decided a panama would be perfect for his image and has threatened to walk out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and divulge all their secrets unless he gets one. Unfortunately none of the staff has a spare that is sufficiently large.

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