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Huge interest in rare photos of a naked ginger

Ginger-watchers all over the world are buzzing with excitement today after extremely rare pictures emerged on the internet of a completely naked ginger.

Notoriously shy creatures, gingers normally remain covered up with many layers of clothing due to their vulnerability to burning in even the briefest spells of sunny weather. So it is highly unusual to see a naked one in the wild.

‘If somebody had told me that they had seen a naked ginger, in Las Vegas of all places, I would never have believed them. But we have photographic evidence, it’s really quite remarkable.’ said a leading gingerologist, ‘If he had set foot outside naked in that desert city then he could very well have burst into flames on the spot.’

‘We are now working to try to establish what had caused him to be in this rare state of nakedness. Our initial investigations seem to suggest it’s because he was pissed.’

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Posted: Aug 23rd, 2012 by Vertically Challenged Giant

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