‘What Do You Think You’re Doing?’ to rival TV’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

A new Channel 5 show aimed at taking on the UK’s favourite genealogy programme will reveal more of celebrities’ personal lives by creeping up when they least expect it, and asking the very pointed question which is also the title of the show.

‘Whatever they’re doing, we will ask them to stop, explain, think of an excuse and then compare whatever it is that they were doing with something one of their ancestors did which was probably worse,’ said the show’s originator Joe Smythe.

‘We’ve also got a travel show called ‘Where Do You Think You’re Going?’ in which we ruin a celebrity’s personal travel plans by tagging along with him or her to wherever it is they’re going with whoever it is they’re going with. We also have a new title in the pipeline called ‘Whatever Were You Thinking of?’ which is a kind of Jeremy Kyle meets Derren Brown thing. And we have a brilliant new title for launch later in the year called ‘What’s that all down your trousers?’ and a bad taste prank show called ‘I suppose you think that’s funny’.

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