Vox Pops ultimately inconclusive, concludes Vox Pops

In a blow to lazy television producers everywhere, a recent series of Vox Pops suggested they fail to provide any legitimate insight. The Vox Pops, recorded in whatever town centre the cameraman and lowly researcher were nearest at the time, revealed the publics’ frustration with the famous five second opinion pieces.

‘I don’t know why they do them, I have no interest in what a random uninformed person thinks’, said an unidentified local woman when accosted. A man far more interested in his upcoming shopping adding, ‘The public are idiots, without exception, you should never trust their opinion anyway’.

News media outlets were unrepentant about their overuse of cheap filler in their programming, one company claiming ‘If we want a quick way to get Joe Public’s view on a flash-in-the-pan contentious issue, what better way to get it than interrupting their day and shoving a camera in their face? And so what if they do sound uninformed? You can’t blame us for that’.

The production house that carried out the research believes there is more work to be done in this area, a spokesperson saying, ‘Having got a flavour of the common mans’ contempt for such shoddily produced news items, we must endeavour to learn more about such hatred. I shall be commissioning nationwide Vox Pops to discover more about this widespread phenomenon.’


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