Research finds that smoking weed can make you ‘err….. stuff’

A team of researchers in New Zealand have conducted a study into the effects of smoking cannabis at a young age, and concluded that ‘Smoking weed while your brain is still developing can make you, like, err…. Forget. Stuff. And things like that, you know…… Cats?’

The study followed the lives of a group of people in Dunedin for more than 20 years and found that the most serious effects occurred in those who started smoking while adolescents, having a detrimental effect on the user’s IQ.

‘If you smoke while you’re a kid then it can make you, like, less clever, in the brain.’ said one researcher, who seemed not to understand the question when asked for his name, ‘It can lower your I…. your I…. your eyes? It can lower your eyes, and make you not so good at Call of Duty and… is anybody else hungry? I’m going to order a pizza, do you want one?’

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