Frying pan killer ‘inconsiderate’ claims judge

A judge at Exeter Crown Court has criticised a man for beating his friend to death with a frying pan, suggesting that five minutes under the grill or even casseroled in a pot-roast would have been a far healthier option.

The judge said that at no time did the accused take into account the long term health implications of taking a frying pan to his friend, and that as a result the victim would be faced with wider health issues associated with the overzealous use of a frying pan such as clogged arteries, increased cholesterol levels, the onset of diabetes, and of course ‘intracerebral haemorrhaging of the brain’.

‘With so many healthier alternatives on the market there is just no excuse for beating someone to death with a rusty old pan’ said the judge ‘unless of course you’re a politician, banker or journalist, in which case there may be mitigating circumstances’.


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