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Cave girl cutie wows boffins

Scientists examining the 80,000 year old DNA belonging to the body of a girl found in Siberia’s Denisova cave have made the interesting discovery that she was extremely attractive.

‘She was really hot’ grinned Nobel prizewinning archaeologist Dr Petr Denisovitch. ‘With brown hair, eyes and skin she certainly floats my coracle!’ Recent more detailed analysis revealed she also liked pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, although the claim by Dr Denisovitch that ‘I bet she was giving up more than genetic secrets back in the day’ has yet to be substantiated.

The initial excitement of the aging scientists was soon dampened though when someone pointed out that she was unlikely to have given a second glance to a bunch of nerds and geeks like them. The team is now to continue digging in the hope of finding someone who had a good sense of humour and liked vegetarian food!

Denis Dijon (with a hat-tip to rikkor)

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Posted: Sep 1st, 2012 by Guest

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