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Leo Tolstoy’s grave overturned by underground disturbance

Whilst distinguished actress, Keira Knighley, was celebrating the London film premier of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Russian news agencies reported a mysterious seismic convulsion at the burial place of the great author.

The unexplained, localised ‘tectonic’ event, measuring 7.4 on the Richter Scale, took place in the picturesque Tula Oblast region, south of Moscow. Fortunately, damage was limited to the modest Tolstoy grave itself, which appears to have been completely turned over, apparently by something spinning rapidly a few feet below the surface.

When informed of the incident, Miss Knightley, who once starred with Hugh Grant in ‘Love Actually’, put down her glass of Krug champagne and burst into tears. ‘Anna is so beautiful,’ she gushed. ‘Does she appear in War & Peace?’

Stanley Stoat

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Posted: Sep 7th, 2012 by Guest

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