Previously undiscovered cheese unearthed in Cornwall

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of a hitherto unknown cheese which is being hailed by some as the ‘most important discovery since Wensleydale’.

The cheese is a bizarre hybrid of a traditional hard cheese, infused with blue veins and featuring pronounced holes, leading experts to speculate that it may be the fabled ‘missing link’ between Cheddar, Stilton and Swiss-style cheeses such as Emmenthal. It is not yet known whether the cheese originated in Cornwall or migrated there from the continent before dividing into the three distinct subtypes we recognise today.

The find was made whilst digging the foundations for a new cancer unit in Truro, but all work has now been cancelled pending completion of three-year archaeological review of the site, to be shown on Channel 4 and presented by Tony Robinson, period-food glutton Giles Coren and half a packet of cream crackers.


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