Glade’s new ‘Horror Niff’ range promises to deter unwanted visitors

Glade, the plug-in air freshener company, has announced a new range of plug-ins which have been proven to deter unwanted visitors from consumers’ homes.

‘We recognised that there’s a gap in the market for those wanting to discourage unwelcome visitors such as debt collectors, local councillors, the clergy or Jehovah’s Witnesses,’ said Derek Kelly, marketing director of Glade UK. ‘That’s why our new range of plug-in ‘Horror Niffs’ include a wide selection of unpleasant and worrying odours including ‘Incontinent nanny’, ‘Hint of buried body under the patio’ and ‘Rotten prawns on hot radiator’.

‘These scents are guaranteed to deter all unwelcome visitors,’ continued Kelly. ‘Even MPs campaigning at election time will be deterred when we release our ‘Expenses fiddling-induced sweat smell’.’

Although Glade has told customers that if they’re not happy with their new plug-in they can pop round to their local Glade distribution centre to collect a full refund, most haven’t hung around long enough to collect the cash because the building smells of stinking cow manure.

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