Wind Farm goes into administration after lack of breeding

A farm in Norfolk has today been put into administration follow a failed project to start a wind farm. The ex-dairy farm had been looking for a new direction after the money it received for it’s milk went down.

‘I’ll admit, I didn’t look into it as much as I should, but thought wind farming and salmon farming couldn’t be that different’ the redundant farmer, John Bilco told us. ‘After a week I realised I would need bigger nets with smaller holes, but I still failed to catch anything. Eventually I caught some in a couple of kites, but when I got them into the barn things got worse. Turns out wind breeds like Pandas.’

The closure of the farm is being felt in the local community. When the farmer finally managed to bottle the wind on his farm, he found the market for it was very small, with his only customers being from a local salon. ‘We need the wind to put through our hairdryers’, Salon owner Chelsea Levern whined. ‘If we can’t get a sustainable supply we could be for the chop.’

Mr Bilco has said he may have to leave Norfolk but wants to stay in the natural resource agriculture business. ‘I have bought some land in Birmingham. I’ve already got permission to keep solar panels in a barn which will pay for my new ‘wave farming’ project’

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