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Run away girl complains about teacher’s paperwork burden

Megan Stammers, the teenage girl who ran away with her teacher, has admitted that life with the 30 year old hadn’t proved to be quite as she had imagined.

‘I thought it was gonna be dead romantic and that going on a maths field trip with Mr Forrest,’ she told a press conference, ‘but  he spent all the time doing marking and paperwork. Apparently that’s all teachers do in their spare time.’

Fifteen year-old Megan also revealed that Mr Forrest insisted on taking register every morning and set her homework in the evening. ‘It was just like being at home’, claimed Megan. ‘Worse actually: the food in France is shit.’

The school has distanced itself from Mr Forrest, claiming that ‘any fool could tell’ Megan had forged her parent’s signature on the school outing permission slip. ‘This is just the sort of thing that OFSTED frowns on’, claimed one governor. ‘Besides, it’s against school policy to take a child away for more than a week during term time.’

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Posted: Oct 1st, 2012 by Stan

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