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Guardian dating site offends readers with image of ‘oppressively white couple’

The Guardian newspaper has reacted angrily to its own dating service, after the offensive image of two white, heterosexual professionals was used to advertise the business. Despite the wealth of orientations and backgrounds available to challenge preconceptions, a non-inclusive couple from Croydon accidentally slipped through the net.

‘With BLTs, LBWs and a whole world of nationalities to choose from, I was sickened to see this pair of stereotypes leering at me while I was browsing for love’, complained one reader. ‘In fact ‘Looking for Love?’ is also an offensive strap-line, if you think about it for far too long. What’s so wrong about people cohabiting for the sake of their carbon footprints?’

Editors have now replaced the grossly generalising image, choosing a collage designed not to appeal to anyone too directly. Depicting two lesbians from Malawi, a Mexican with a head wound, three midgets, a unicorn and a penguin, lovelorn idealists are still struggling to take offense, choosing instead to ‘Be Allotted a Random Life Partner’.

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Posted: Oct 4th, 2012 by Guest

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