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Survey shows house prices ‘all over the shop’

An analysis of house price surveys conducted during 2012 has concluded that prices are going up, down, and staying static all at the same time.

 ‘It’s an effect known as ‘Schrodinger’s Estate Agent’’ explained renowned British mathematician Carol Vorderman. ‘Take an estate agent, put him in a box and then nail the lid on. That’s about it really. It doesn’t prove anything, but it’s a surprisingly satisfying experiment.’

As price surveys from the UK’s banks and building societies continue to publish wildly varying figures, questions have been asked about the inability of the Nation’s major financial institutions to do adding up and dividing. ‘How hard can it be to work out the average price of all the houses sold in Britain last month?’ asked Vorderman, ‘you just add them both together, and divide the answer by two.’

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Posted: Oct 4th, 2012 by Quaz

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