Advertising watchdog criticises ‘misleading’ toilet graffiti

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) promised to ‘come down hard’ on false claims posted on public toilet cubicle walls and doors, as a recent probe revealed that up to 80% of the toilet ads failed to deliver up to a standard the public were entitled to expect.

The ads, traditionally scrawled in biro or marker by traders offering a range of services in the local area, have been undermined by a flood of empty promises, leaving potential customers not knowing in whom to put their faith.

‘We found that many of the phone numbers either contained mistakes, or were wilfully miswritten as pranks,’ said Chris Tedaldi, head of the campaign to shine a light on this niche of the advertising market. ‘Furthermore the dates and times suggested in ads were seldom honoured.’

The six-month study also revealed breaches of code caused by advertisers being unable to grasp the fundamentals of metric units and including misleading and inaccurate illustrations. The dossier recommended that glory-holes also needed looking into.

The ASA did, however, agree that in all likelihood Dave probably was ‘ere’ on the date specified, and after careful research also agreed that Nicola Michaels will indeed ‘do it for chips’.

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