Mother-in-law killed as man ‘mistakes her for burglar’

A Midlands man has spoken of his horror after accidentally shooting dead his mother-in-law during what he believed was a burglary at his Birmingham home.

‘I was disturbed at about 2pm by noises from the downstairs utility room, so I went to investigate with the handgun I had purchased after hearing the Government’s proposals on self-defence laws,’ said 42-year-old Mr Baker. ‘The wife and children were in the house so I had a duty to protect them from this interloper. I’d completely forgotten my wife’s mother was staying with us.’

After challenging the suspect, who appeared to be carrying a portable TV set, Mr Baker fired two shots directly into the chest cavity. It was only after turning on the light that he realised it was in fact his wife’s mother, carrying a pile of ironing. He denies that the victim addressed him by name and asked where the ironing board was.

‘It was a deeply regrettable incident,’ said Mr Baker, ‘but you can’t be too careful where burglars are concerned. She could have suddenly turned nasty. The lawyers agree I have a strong argument that I was only using all reasonable force to protect myself from my mother-in-law.’

It is the second tragedy to afflict the household after Mr Baker last year stabbed his wife’s best friend at a Hallowe’en party believing his house had been overrun ‘by vampires that wouldn’t shut up’.


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