Jane Fonda launches new ‘Rocking Chair Workout’

Hollywood legend and fitness guru Jane Fonda has launched her latest fitness DVD, ‘Rock Till You Drop’. Filmed at the Bide-a-Wee retirement home in Shingle Springs, California, the DVD is aimed at rocking chair users and anyone over the age of 75 with access to a half-decent wipe-down recliner.

‘I made this for the forgotten generation who are bored with extreme basket weaving and indoor horseshoe pitching,’ said 74-year-old Fonda.

In the workout Fonda is accompanied by a live brass band playing jaunty tunes to exercise routines based on the Lindy Hop, Shimmy, Soft Shoe Shuffle and the Twist. Starter exercises require viewers to sit in their chair, rest their hands on the arm rest and begin to rock gently, while more difficult routines include the use of a defibrillator and choreographed sequences with members of the emergency services.

Fonda has tested her exercises with people suffering from a range of ailments and disabilities, but has advised those with bladder problems to avoid the initial warm-up bending. ‘You have to take it steady once you reach a certain age,’ she explained. ‘If I dislodge my catheter, I’ll be back ‘on golden pond’.’

Dick Everyman (hat-tip to waylandmsithy)

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