Toddler in historic freefall from kitchen chair

Scientists and stunt fans held their breath as 3-year-old Darryl Parkin completed a historic descent from a kitchen chair yesterday, in the garden of his Northampton home.

‘It was a personal and possible global record, and gave me an enhanced understanding of how gravitational force can interact with the human body in a context which is not entirely risk-free,’ said Parkin, before bursting into
tears and demanding his sucky towel.

Darryl’s mother, who witnessed the 39.3cm descent, confessed her heart was in her mouth as her son left the platform just after lunch time. But the
young daredevil is intent on even greater feats.

Team Parkin are already preparing another descent, this time from the top of the coal bunker in the back garden, to highlight planet Earth’s ongoing dependence on fossil fuels. An altitude increase of 23.9% brings a new set of dangers, so Darryl will wear a specially cleaned plastic potty on his head as a safety precaution.

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