Mitt Romney to enter sea and ‘punch Hurricane Sandy’s lights out’

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has unveiled an audacious plan to strip to the waist, wade into the sea off New Jersey and pummel Hurricane Sandy with this bare fists.

‘This is what all enemies of the American people can expect when I’m at the helm’ an upbeat Romney told a hastily assembled press conference.

Fox News have carried pictures of the presidential hopeful slugging a leaky, saline-filled punch bag in a local gym, accompanied by the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and are referring to the showdown as ‘The Commotion In The Ocean’

With only a few days left to the election, Romney’s team still believe he can deliver a knockout blow – to President Obama as well as 800,000 metric tonnes of water.

‘I just overheard someone say ‘only a Mormon would attempt something like this’’ declared a triumphant Romney. ‘I think that’s what they said.’

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