US teenager branded ‘a fool’ after being stranded at drive-in by Hurricane Sandy

Daniel Zuko, student of Rydell High School in New Hampshire has spoken of his extreme fear and shame after he was left stranded at the local drive-in cinema theatre last night, as Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of America.

Rydell’s Principal Blanche McGee commented, ‘The boy is a fool for letting himself get into such a dangerous situation. Even so, we’re glad he’s back. He is one of ours and it would be true to say that we go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.’

Mr Zuko said that he first realised he was in trouble when the hurricane force wall of water extinguished his cigarette in a spectacularly coquettish fashion, adding ‘My biggest concern was, what will they say, Monday at school?’
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