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Record winning bid on tomato at Waitrose

Waitrose – Auctioneers & Valuers of Fine Produce, have announced a record price fetched for a tomato at their Marlborough showrooms.

The sale of the tomato, the final one from a matching set of six, was acclaimed as a new record for the fruit.

‘Things were tense as the auction got underway,’ explained winning bidder Janet Catchpole ‘and although the bidding went a little above my planned spend, I’m still delighted. The tomato will take pride of place with a peach that I acquired at Marks & Spencer following my recent lottery win.’

‘We are seeing considerable growth in the market at the moment’ said auctioneer Brendan Southgate, ‘This particular tomato has some bruising damage from the vine twig, but as many owners are ‘distressing’ their soft fruit for a vintage look, it only added to the saleability.’

(Image by Pinxit)

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Posted: Nov 2nd, 2012 by Stan

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