BBC finds US man who actually cares what British think of his country’s election

man simply adores the One Show

The BBC has discovered an American who actually cares what the British think about who wins the US presidential election. The breakthrough means that the massive holiday enjoyed by thousands of BBC malingerers might actually have a justification.

‘If just one American cares what the British chattering classes think about the US election, then all the millions of pound we’ve blown on flights, hotels and bar tabs has been worthwhile,’ said a BBC Governor last night.

‘I agree,’ said the BBC governor’s nephew, who was also in the US to cover the election. ‘It’s so important that we fly out here, spend some time in hotels swapping business cards with American TV executives and interviewing American journalists. We couldn’t do that from home.’

The expense of flying 1,000 reporters, 10,000 cameramen and production crew, 500 producers, and 400 make up artists, as well as 400 BBC governors, Yes Men and Deputy Yes Men has been justified by some of the revelations they have made about the US elections. Thanks to the BBC, the world now knows that: 1. The election is quite tight; 2. Barack Obama enjoys a lot of support in the traditionally Democratic supporting regions of America, such as New York and Boston; 3. Republican areas, often referred to as the flyover states, are supporting the Republican candidate.

‘Thanks to the dogged determination, sociability and unlimited expenses available to the BBC’s brilliant team, we all understand much more about the American system of government that we do about the EC,’ said a BBC Newsnight editor. ‘The people of Britain may be ruled by the EC, but they should understand that the hotels are so much nicer in America. And that’s why we’re here.’

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