Rat found in NHS operating theatre ‘as well as can be expected’

Pest controllers were rushed to Nottinghamshire’s Kings Mill Hospital late on Monday night after a rat was found in one of the operating theatres.

Staff at the hospital feared that unless the rat was caught in time, it could come into contact with medical equipment used by doctors over the weekend and help spread the hospital’s norovirus to other unsuspecting rats in the area.

Karen Tomlinson, director of operations at the hospital said she was shocked to learn a rat had entered the building over the weekend saying it usually happened during the week when operations were actually taking place.

However, suggestions that the rat had entered the hospital either in search of food or hoping to find warmth and shelter in hospital bedding were dismissed as ‘idiotic’ by Tomlinson.

A senior pest controller confirmed ‘he had a lucky escape down in that operating theatre but we think he will pull through, which is more than can be said for those poor bastards still waiting on their NHS operation.’


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