Met office suggests tropical storms could be calmer with blokes names


In the wake of the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy scientists around the world have been looking at ways to reduce the impact of such natural disasters in the future.

Sources at the Met office have suggested that there is an increasing drive towards naming tropical storms with masculine names in an effort to make them more predictable and less likely to flare up out of nowhere. Studies have also suggested that there is a particular time of the month when storms may arise but it has been considered more prudent not to mention these too loudly, particularly at that time of the month.

‘We have noted that all the most devastating hurricanes and tropical storms have had girl’s names like ‘Katrina’ and ‘Sandy’. Originally we thought that girly names would make them all soft and docile. You know maybe that might just stroke buildings like a delicate breeze and maybe even tidy up a bit. But it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way. We were watching Sandy very carefully and everything seemed to indicate that there was going to be a minor storm but nothing too serious. What actually happened with Sandy hitting New York completely defied all logic and all of our predictions. We simply don’t know what happened, but the fact that we didn’t understand only seemed to make matters worse’ shrugged a met office spokesman to a group of mates down the pub.

Weathermen are also hoping that they will be faced with less of a cold front after failing to properly understand the nature of the problem and for a less frosty atmosphere in the days following an incident.

‘We’re thinking that perhaps giving them good solid blokes names could help them to be more reasonable and down to earth. I mean, how much damage could you really expect from something called George, Tony, Gordon, Neil or Dave for example…?’

gregle, with hat tips to VCG & Sinnick

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