Quantitive Easing ruined by cost of inkjet cartridges to print new banknotes

The Bank of England has admitted that the decision to print £375 billion of new money was thwarted by the extortionate cost of the inkjet cartridges used by the Royal Mint to print the new banknotes.

‘We expected to inject the £325 billion to help businesses and homeowners to regenerate the UK economy, but failed to realise that using inkjet cartridges, and more particularly, three colour cartridges which run-out when the lowest ink tank compartment is empty was a false economy, and already we have spent £750 billion on cartridges alone never mind the cost of the paper and the mileage to Staples’ admitted Bank Governor Mervyn King.

Bank officials are however sure that the latest initiative to send each other £10 notes by fax and cut them out with a pair of scissors will save the economy. ‘Unless it’s sunny’ commented King, ‘when they’ll just fade away like old Tesco receipts containing the lifetime guarantee of your £50 frying pan.’

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