‘Trial by Twitter’ acquittal after unconvincing 140 character closing address

The ‘trial by Twitter’ of ex Tory Treasurer Lord McAlpine on sex abuse charges ended in farce after the prosecution made the elementary blunder of starting its closing address with ‘Ladies and gentleman of the jury, thank you for your careful attention during this proceeding,’ thus leaving it only 46 characters for the balance of its address.

After blowing a further 33 characters on ‘Please focus on all the evidence’ the prosecution realised its error and redeemed itself somewhat by finishing on ‘Check Google.’

The defence was far more convincing with a succinct 38 character closing address ‘Messham says McAlpine was not the guy.’

Due to the enormous gravity of the allegations, the jury deliberated for a Twitter record of 29 seconds before announcing ‘what was the question again?’

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Posted: Nov 11th, 2012 by

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