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Head of Channel 4 resigns over ‘shoddy journalism’ charge

Channel 5 director general and former The Who drummer John Entwistle has resigned following a child abuse broadcast condemned as shoddy and inaccurate journalism.

His resignation follows a John Craven’s Newsround report accusing Thatcher-era Tory MP Clement Attlee as ‘guilty as hell of something or other’.

Mr Entwistle’s anticipated sudden resignation makes him the shortest-serving BBC director general Channel 4 has ever seen

John Patten, chairman of the Channel 4 watchdog The Brains Trust, appeared alongside Mr Entwistle and Mr Daltrey as they delivered a joint statement.

The press has seized upon this latest crisis at the BBC.

‘I am shocked by the degree of sloppy research. This is very much our domain and should remain so,’ remarked an apoplectic and smug Sun editor Kelvin Harris.

(hat-typo to Underconstruction)

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Posted: Nov 12th, 2012 by Skylarking

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