Tap & Spile ups the ante with new range of surreal ales

The Tap & Spile chain of live music drinking establishments looks set to change its customer base with the introduction of a new range of ‘art period beers’. The move is supported by CAMSA, the newly-formed Campaign for Surreal Ales and follows complaints by Tap & Spile landlords about endless folk music and ginger beards.

‘Trials at the weekend proved the popularity of beers showing some artistic heritage,’ said a Tap & Spile spokesman.

The surreal ales collection includes the Magritte organic cider, described as ‘a powerful apple fermentation with lingering after-tones of bowler hat’ and the Salvador d’Ale, served by a man sporting an extraordinary waxed handlebar moustache and chrome wing mirrors, ‘which drip like mercury’.

Beers from other artistic movements include Braque’s Brew, listed as ‘a brown composition in the cubist mead family’, although most of those who tried it said it was ‘just Newcastle Brown in a square glass’. But one customer said he’d already found his personal favourite; ‘couple of pints of Pissarro and I was completely pointillist.’

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