Men trapped in a Sixties time-warp to appear at The O2

Four men trapped in a Sixties time-warp are to appear next week at London’s The O2.

‘The men became frozen in time around 1962,’ explained psychiatrist Dr Joseph Sacks,’ and every few years feel the urge to appear in public to repeat acts they performed fifty years ago. Although some people may find the phenomenon rather scary, the men are in fact quite harmless and should simply be indulged.’

Thousands of people are expected to pay almost a hundred pounds for a ticket to witness the event which some observers have likened to a fairground freak show.

But Lucy Williams (21) said that although some of her mates accused her of being ‘ghoulish’, she was looking forward to next weekend.

‘This may be the last chance we’ll get to see such an unusual event,’ she said. ‘Some people say that one of the men appearing next week actually died some time ago.’

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