Rover Curiosity finds man’s dentures on Mars

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity has made an extraordinary discovery when sifting through a bucket of dust it had scooped up for analysis. After a three-dimensional image was beamed back to Earth, the find was immediately recognised as an upper denture set. A comparison with a database of dental records soon traced this to the late Albert Postlethwaite, a resident of Sheffield in the 1930s.

Albert’s grandson Andrew said he was ‘gobsmacked’ at the discovery. ‘It’s an old family story,’ he told reporters, ‘about the day Grandpa sneezed and his teeth shot out, never to be seen again. Grandma always joked that it probably landed on the moon, but Grandpa was not amused. It’s just such a tragedy that when he died, his final words to me were “I never did find out where that bloody denture went”.’

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