German WWII veteran emerges from Isle of Wight

A German WWII soldier has emerged from Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight after remaining hidden since 1945. Private Wilfried Kapteina was eventually discovered after taking captive two bird watchers, Brian and Shirley Dickenson.

‘We’d just sat down on a very neat stack of Scots pine logs to enjoy a flask of tea when Shirley spotted a German helmet poking up from a ditch,’ said Mr Dickenson. ‘We were very perturbed when an elderly Waffen SS soldier started waving his rusty bayonet at us.’

After demanding to see their papers, the 87-year-old Kapteina frogmarched the pair to an underground shelter where he held them for 17 days. They were finally traced when police spotted an out of date pay and display ticket on their Ford Ka and followed the sounds of a muffled chorus of Lili Marlene.

In the pitched battle that followed, officers managed to deflect two dud stick grenades and a rusty tin of sauerkraut before arresting Kapteina. Told as he was led away that he had not been on mainland Britain at all for 67 years, Kapteina begged to be executed on the spot. Isle of Wight council chiefs are now investigating whether or not they can pursue the veteran for unpaid council tax.

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