BBC to make programme names brutally honest

In continuing efforts to restore trust in the BBC, programme makers are looking into the possibility of using titles that more accurately reflect the programme contents.

A spokesperson for the BBC said that title changes already under consideration include replacing ‘Top Gear’ with ‘Three Big Kids Dicking Around in Cars’, and renaming ‘Coast’ to ‘Enthusiastic Scottish Man Waving His Arms Around’, whilst ‘EastEnders’ will almost certainly become ‘Moaning Gits Depressing Everyone to Death’.

Not to be outdone, ITV has announced new series of ‘I Used To Be a Celebrity – Resurrect My Career!’, ‘People Who Can’t Actually Skate Bumbling on Ice’ and ‘Jamie’s Two And a Half Hour Meals From Sainsbury’s’. A decision has yet to be made as to whether ‘Crimewatch’ should be replaced with ‘Schadenfreude’ or ‘Crimes That Make For Good TV’. However, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is to be axed.

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