Petraeus scandal forces UK defence chiefs ‘to pull out’

In the light of recent revelations concerning General David Petraeus, senior members of UK armed forces have admitted that they are frequently having to make a ‘hasty tactical withdrawal’ after their privates have been sent into action without proper protection. Some have blamed the army for an ineffective procurement strategy, including ‘not popping to the bloody chemist in time’ ahead of every ‘surge’.

‘It has all been a massive anti-climax,’ stated a former Royal Marine. ‘I joined to see a bit of action, shoot my weapon and go back to the NAAFI for a beer. Once exposed to hostile enemy action, we are expected to ‘win hearts and minds’. Whatever happened to having an exit strategy?’

Many UK troops are now committed to long drawn-out clean up campaigns, when they had originally hoped for a ‘quick in-and-out’ operation. The SAS, however, are in the enviable position that they can declare they were never officially there, although the MoD are now facing a legal challenge that their actions may constitute statutory rape.


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