Family hopes to ‘knock Xmas on head this weekend’

The Antas family of Nantwich have surprised friends and neighbours with their decision to ‘knock Christmas on the head’ this weekend.

The Antas are well known locally for their dedication to celebrating the annual holiday, reliably first to put up decorations  and mount an inflatable Rudolph on the roof, delivering cards up and down their street even to ‘Dear Neighbour at no. 34′ whose name they’ve never quite been sure of but it’s too late and too embarrassing to ask now.

‘Basically, when the Christmas stock began appearing in the shops late August, we got a bit ahead of ourselves,’ said Tony Antas, 48. ‘I mean, we’re as keen on Christmas as the next person – well, maybe not including Mr Ismail three doors down, obviously – so we thought, seeing as it’s clearly Christmas already in John Lewis why shouldn’t we just get going with Christmas here too?’

The family plan to hold the full Christmas dinner this weekend, inviting round the usual guest list of friends and family.

‘My dad especially was a bit freaked. Reckoned it was all a massive Mayan apocalypse prediction over-reaction on our part. Reasoning with him was all we could do to stop him sending round the vicar to talk us back to the true way. That said, he did agree that it would be a shame for the kids if they missed out on the pressies if the world did end on the 21st.’

‘Once we got that out of the way, he’s really looking forward to an early bit of stuffing, truth be told.’

‘And if you’d like to see in the new year with us, you’d be more than welcome to come round Monday week.’

Miss Hegas

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