Nick Clegg to grow a spine for ‘Manuary’

Following the success of ‘Movember’, Nick Clegg has become the latest high-profile figure to sign up for ‘Manuary’, a new charity event in which leading political figures will spend a month attempting to cultivate attributes characteristic of normal human beings.

It’s rumoured that Nick Clegg will be undertaking a number of activities, from calling Andrew Lansley ‘The Right Honourable Bell End’ and waving chocolate éclairs just out of arm’s reach of Eric Pickles in cabinet meetings, to actually standing up for something that he believes in for once in his life.

‘Who knows, if it all goes well, next year he may even grow a pair of balls too,’ said a spokesperson.

Other big names already signed up to the scheme include George Osborne, who’ll be growing a chin, George Galloway who’ll try to foster a sense of humility, and David Cameron who’ll be doing his best to develop a conscience.


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