Flintoff dropped by Jacamo after breaching terms of contract

Freddie Flintoff has been dropped as the big face of Jacamo after losing almost four stone in preparation for his recent professional boxing debut.

‘It was not a decision we took lightly.’ said a spokesman for the clothing giant that’s made millions from clothing giants. ‘But he must have known it was coming, especially after last month’s photo shoot where his inability to sweat on cue was all anyone was talking about around the treacle cooler.’

The move has, once again, raised ethical concerns over Jacamo’s contracts that require their models to maintain a weight deemed, at best ‘unhealthy’ and, at worst ‘Corden-esque’.

‘No one’s supposed to look like that in reality.’ said Darren Kent, a recovering Jacamo model who now speaks out against the industry. ‘Even in the company canteen you’d have guys ‘just nipping to the toilet’ between courses to shove chocolate fingers down their throats.’

‘And it’s not just the models, either. There’s also the tragic case of those thirty Chinese workers who were suffocated in one of their factories where a jumper was being made.’

Jacamo’s spokesman, however, insists that they’ve acted fairly and that Freddie’s weight was not the sole reason for his sacking. ‘Look, we’re a clothing company for real men and, well, you saw how he fought on Friday night: like a big girl. Still, not bad for a thin lad though, I guess.’

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