South Korea hit by new ‘Dagenham Style’ craze

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The nightlife of South Korean capital Seoul has become gripped by a new British craze known as Dagenham Style. Hundreds of young girls dressed in vest-tops, mini-skirts and red stilettos totter about with their arms outstretched in a most ungainly ‘dance’, while lecherous young men prowl around menacingly shouting the classic Essex chat-up line ‘Oi, sex now, lady.’

The Dagenham Style phenomenon has its origins in an internet video of some Essex lads on a night out. The video stars Darren Sykes, known as Psycho or just Psy to his friends, and features a series of drunken antics in bars, plenty of leering at scantily-clad young females, and a massive fight outside a nightclub. The video has a backing track with incomprehensible, inebriated ramblings as lyrics and ends with the catchline, ‘Dagenham Style’ as Psy lies in the gutter covered in his own vomit.

It appears though that Seoul still has some way to go before it captures the true spirit of a Dagenham night out, as the number of arrests for drunkenness and affray remains low. Essex Police Chief David Trimming explained, ‘Unlike the South Korean authorities, my force regularly deals with youngsters who go out with the three-fold aim of getting drunk, having a fight and having a one-night stand, preferably in that order. And some of the lads are even worse.’

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