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Dr Who’s interior decorator taking legal action

An interior decorator employed by a man known only as ‘The Doctor’ is starting a legal case against him after his initial assessment of the job ended up taking far longer than he had been led to believe.

‘He turned up in this blue box and asked how much I would charge to paint the skirting boards and wallpaper it. I took a quick look at the outside, and quoted him for half a day. Once I turned up and went inside, it was much bigger, with multiple rooms. The swimming pool cum library alone was a nightmare job, we had to get in scaffolding,’ complained the contractor. ‘I ended up spending six months on the job, although he did drop me off half a day after I started, so I didn’t lose any work and the missus didn’t wonder where I’d been.’

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Posted: Dec 6th, 2012 by Quaz

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