‘Inspired by Starbucks’ self-employed UK builder goes Fair trade

An off-the-books builder from Aylesbury has decided to contribute to the country where he earns his living. ‘I’ve always paid my whack mind.’ said Jim Furnace ‘Other than alcohol and tobacco from France I usually shop in the UK, so there’s VAT for starters. And if I can’t get red diesel from my farmer mate I also pay fuel tax; that must be around once a quarter. I think I taxed the van once as well.’

Furnace has traded for fourteen years without showing a profit. In what he refers to as his ‘Starbucks Moment,’ he realised he could share the burden of providing transport infrastructure, schools, hospitals, criminal justice, street cleaning, social security and tax collecting.’

‘I’ve pledged to record my labour on at least one job a month – but not if it’s something like a whole extension, I’m not daft. Perhaps a crazy-paving patio, as I pick up broken slabs for cash. Although I’m not made of money I’m prepared to shell out up to £50 a year. You can’t say fairer than that.’

Buckingham Palace are said to be considering Furnace for a New Year Honour.

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