Comedy change scientists say winter ‘global warming’ jokes at historical high

Researchers at the Frank Spencer Institute of Comedy Studies have released a study showing that jokes about global warming during bouts of freezing cold and rainy weather have reached dangerous levels.

Al Jones, who specialises in comedy change, says instruments placed throughout UK pubs and workplaces recorded the 1,000,000th example of the ‘and they call this global warming’ joke only a couple of days into winter.

‘You have to go back to the Ice Age, when the ‘it’s hot – not’ joke was all the rage, for a similar spike’ said Mr Jones. ‘If left unchecked, these winter global warming jokes could cause so much uncontrolled hilarity that the ice caps would melt and small islands of Jimmy Savile jokes could cease to exist. The rise in water levels could see yet more hosepipe ban jokes – it’s a vicious circle.’

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