World’s last ‘Trimphone impersonator’ dies, aged 97

Jim Hughes, the last person known to be able to accurately impersonate a 1970s Trimphone, has died at a nursing home in Cheshunt.

‘It was a big part of his life,’ said Jim’s nephew, Philip Hughes. ‘I can remember us all being round there on a Sunday afternoon watching the wrestling on ITV, and suddenly from behind his newspaper, he’d start warbling.

‘My aunt would jump up from her chair and dash into the hall. She’d sit down at the telephone table, pick up the phone, and say in her poshest voice, “Bishop’s Stortford 7849, who’s speaking please? Deirdre, is that you love? Speak to me, pet.”

‘Well, we would all just fall about laughing, and she’d be fuming, because there’d be no-one there. It was just my uncle playing the fool. You see, she had a daughter who had gone missing some years ago, and whenever the phone rang, I rather think she hoped it might be her.’

He will be laid to rest in a two-tone avocado coffin made of ABS plastic, donated by BT in his memory. The family have been told to expect the coffin some time between 8am and 8pm on the day of the funeral.

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