Golfers unite on Christmas anti-Ryder Cup DVD plea

Golfers across the UK have formed an alliance to dissuade unsuspecting relatives from buying them ‘The Ryder Cup 2012 DVD’ after concluding that it was quite good when it happened but they don’t want to watch all that turgid crap again, especially when it’s pissing down and the course is flooded.’

‘For the week after they beat the yanks we spoke of little else, but now it’s worn-off. After all watching a few millionaires tapping a ball round a field along with celebrity antics from Ian Poulter and his silly trousers is just a bit dull to be honest’ said Tony Norris from Stockport.

Golf researchers estimate that out of 250m golf-related DVDs that have been bought as Christmas presents only one was ever watched, and that resulted in the hapless golfer throwing the DVD ‘Top tips lesson from David Leadbetter’ and his DVD player in a local river, along with his set of golf clubs and all golfing novelties.’

‘I’d much rather have a music DVD, say from Rod Stewart or Tom Jones’ admitted Norris, ‘but before you buy it can you please make sure that he has his shirt tucked into his trousers and isn’t wearing trainers.’

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